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Martin Hoben – Staff supervisor, chef at the Mindful Mango Cafe

After studying music at Dalhousie University, Martin immersed himself in the culinary scene of Halifax. Prior to joining the Mindful Mango Cafe team, Martin had worked in the Il Mercato restaurant kitchen where his skills and passion for food were crafted. Martin describes his culinary mission as the creation of modern delicious food that celebrates the diversity of Nova Scotia’s local flavours. He takes pride in offering the highest quality fare with casual, prompt service. Martin infuses the Mindful Mango Cafe with his dedication to quality products, locally sourced ‘clean’ foods – foods that are wholesome and minimally processed.

Martin has been with the Mindful Mango Cafe since its inception early in 2009. When he was approached by the Mindful Mango Cafe, he jumped at the opportunity to lead his own team of enthusiastic, motivated individuals. With a refreshingly fun and professional attitude, Martin delights and inspires both customers and staff with his love for coffee and food. In a 2010 interview, co-worker Andy Carruthers had this to say about working with Martin, “He actually wants to get to know me – that’s kind of rare in a boss. He is very social, he likes to crack jokes and I actually have fun working!”